by wms

Sample Publications:

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Stakeholder Alignment Collaborative:  Karen S. Baker, Nicholas Berente, Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld, Courtney Flint, Gabriel Gershenfeld, Brandon Grant, Michael Haberman, John Leslie King, Christine Kirkpatrick, Barbara Lawrence, Spencer Lewis, W. Christopher Lenhardt, Matthew Mayernik, Charles McElroy, Barbara Mittleman, Namchul Shin, Shelley Stall, Susan Winter, and Ilya Zaslavsky, (2017). Five ways consortia can catalyze open science, Nature (543: 615-618).

Stakeholder Alignment Collaboration:  Karen Baker, Nick Berente, Dorothy Carter, Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld, Leslie DeChurch, Courtney Flint, Gabriel Gershenfeld, Michael Haberman, Christine Kirkpatrick, John L. King, Eric Knight, Barbara Lawrence, Spencer Lewis, Chris Lenhardt, Pablo Lopez, Matt Mayernik, Charles McElroy, Barbara Mittleman, Victor Nichol, Mark Nolan, Namchul Shin, Cheryl Thompson, Susan Winter, and Ilya Zaslavsky (2016). Build It, But Will They Come? A Geoscience Cyberinfrastructure Baseline Analysis, Data Science Journal (15:1-14).