About Us


No matter how complex your business questions, we have the capabilities and experience to deliver the answers you need to move forward.

Waymark Analytics helps organizations and consortia to avoid gridlock, prevent blindsides, and identify opportunities.  We help launch new multi-stakeholder arrangements to advance separate and shared interests. Let us help you see the full stakeholder landscape – by uncovering diverse interests, clarifying value propositions among diverse stakeholders, facilitating shared visions, drafting rules of engagement and charters, and implementing effective collaboration at a time of accelerating social and technical change.  

Our Core Values

WayMark is a company dedicated to a double-bottom mission, with metrics to match.  We are dedicated to offering tools and methods to enable better performance, efficiency, and outcomes for organizations, businesses, government agencies, and other clients.  We are also committed to advancing beneficial community and societal outcomes, including job creation and public goods.


We have extensive experience providing new insights and assistance across diverse domains —automotive, biomedical, earth science, data sharing, high performance computing, and more— providing evidence that our approach and tools are widely applicable across sectors and disciplines. Our clients are similarly diverse- big companies, government agencies, academic institutions, and foundations.

For more information visit WayMark’s Leadership Team.

Relationship with the National Science Foundation (NSF)

Founded in 2013, WayMark has progressively developed survey tools, principles for chartering and organizing complex collaborations, and novel analytics and visualizations.  NSF funding enabled development of the z-flower™ visualization as well as providing business development support through the I-Corps program.
  • NSF-VOSS EAGER 0956472, “Stakeholder Alignment in Socio-Technical Systems,”
  • NSF OCI RAPID 1229928, “Stakeholder Alignment for EarthCube,”
  • NSF SciSPR-STS-OCI-INSPIRE 1249607, “Enabling Transformation in the Social Sciences, Geosciences, and Cyberinfrastructure,”
  • NSF I-CORPS 1313562 “Stakeholder Alignment for Public-Private Partnerships”
WayMark is dedicated to a double-bottom mission, with metrics to match.  As an entrepreneurial business we are committed to offering scalable tools and methods while generating sustaining revenue.  As a social impact enterprise advancing community and societal progress,  WayMark’s ability to help job creation and public goods inspire our work.