Understanding and working with the complex landscapes of stakeholders and interests is some of the hardest and most important work to be done in modern society. This was true of the Northern Ireland peace process and it is true now in Columbia with the reintegration of the FARC into civil society — both domains where I have been involved. I like the idea of systematic tools and methods to understand these landscapes and saw this first hand with the global map of stakeholders and interests in the digital fabrication ecosystem.

– Patrick Colgan, Senior Adviser, Government of Ireland

The stakeholder mapping and facilitation support provided by WayMark accelerated progress in bringing together a consortium spanning over twenty universities. We now have a robust charter and guiding vision that is making continued progress possible. WayMark understands how to deliver results when there are many stakeholders and many complex issues on the table.

– Jim Bottum, Presidential Fellow at Internet 2 and former CIO, Clemson University

When we launched i-Samples — a global initiative centered on the digital ecosystem of data on physical samples in the geosciences — the series of stakeholder maps helped us to find common interests early and track progress over time. This evidence-based approach brings rigorous social science methods to the science enterprise — in practical and useful ways.

– Kerstin A. Lehnert, Doherty Senior Research Scientist, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University