Guiding Principles

  1. The world faces challenges that exceed the capacity of any individual, group, organization, or institution.
    • Collaboration is needed and WMA can help.
  2. Potential collaborators includinge individuals, groups, organizations, and institutions with both common and competing interests.
    • Collaboration is both possible and challenging.
  3. Collaboration involves working across social and hierarchical boundaries.
    • Adding to the challenge.
  4. Interested parties, stakeholders, and rights holders typically have incomplete knowledge of the interests of others.
    • Opportunities may be missed and barriers not seen.
  5. Helping parties to better see the landscape of eachone anothers’ interests advances dialogue.
    • Increasing the potential for collaboration and mitigating the risk of dead ends.
  6. Collaboration can take the form of short-term initiatives, the establishment of various forms of and consortia, and even the transformation of established organizations or institutions.
    • Building on both common and competing interests.
  7. WayMark Analytics is dedicated to improving the nature and quality of life in society through positive collective action.
    • People accomplishing together what they can’t do separately.

WMA commits to ensuring that 

  1. WMA prioritizes collaborative efforts to address urgent and consequential challenges facing today’s world — to building a better tomorrow
  2. WMA focus areas include:
    • Earth and climate science
    • Advancing minority-serving educational institutions
    • Public health
    • Scientific data sharing and computing
    • Bridging the digital divides
    • AI/ML ethics
    • Labor-management relations
  3. WMA promotes sharing, transparent communication, and fairness
  4. WMA strives to make our interests known and to avoid conflicts of interests 
  5. WMA embraces inclusivity, enabling those whose voices are heard less often to be heard, and to forge collaborations and consortia whose structure and aims include a high degree of inclusivity
  6. WMA business practices and professional ethics will always meet the highest barstandard
  7. WMA strives to mentor and empower clients and partners to become confident and competent in using WMA tools and methods 
  8. WMA sees client relationships as ongoing, mutually learningful and beneficial as opposed to transactional and one-sided