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A quick way to generate a baseline stakeholder map for a new initiative. Total from initial contact to finished map is 6-8 weeks, with quicker turnaround possible in special cases.

The process involves:
A. 1-2 hour facilitated telecon with a core group to specify stakeholder categories
B. 1-2 hour facilitated telecon with the same core group to identify interests,
C. Development and pre-testing of the stakeholder mapping survey instrument (approx. 1 week),
D. Identification of appropriate stakeholder representatives to survey and distribution of the survey instrument (2-3 weeks),
E. Analysis of the results and preparation of the stakeholder mapping report (approx. 1 week).

Serial reuse of the same instrument provides an economical means of tracking alignment and progress over time

Facilitated Summit Dialogue

A higher level of facilitation and input comes if WayMark leads a half-day, full-day or two-day summit session, informed by the stakeholder mapping results and designed to produce some or all of the following:

  • A shared vision of success
  • A charter or framework for action implications
  • A set of stakeholder-specific value propositions

Custom Stakeholder Mapping

More complex projects may benefit from more consultation and facilitation time, custom stakeholder survey instrument design, advanced analytics, or other custom services

Web-Based Scalable Services

We are in the process of R&D for developing a scalable web-based tools that will translate our hands-on experience with stakeholder alignment into a set of scalable digital tools and services.  Potential partners interested in investing in this work should contact us for further dialogue.

See our publications and portfolio for Examples of Past Deliverables including

  • Stakeholder mapping reports
  • Shared Vision and Stakeholder Value Propositions: ¬†
  • Multi-stakeholder Charter