Accomplish together what
can’t be done separately.

See points of alignment and misalignment
among key stakeholders.


Avoid dead ends and pursue

Through analytics, visualizations, and consultation,
the WayMark process will help you navigate your path.


Uncover and understand the
interests that matter.

Use analytics and visualizations to mark your baseline
and track progress.


Navigate Complex Ecosystems

Having trouble seeing the forest in the complex array of stakeholder trees? WayMark Analytics lays it out for you in clear graphic visualization, showing clearly where there is alignment and where there isn’t. You’ll see the present landscape and be able to track progress as you move forward.

Stakeholder Alignment


We know that every stakeholder has multiple interests or things that are “at stake.”  So stereotyping stakeholders as blockers or supporters just isn’t good enough.  We offer help with the dynamic process of “stakeholder alignment” — identifying and working with both points of common interest and points of competing interests. We take you beyond”stakeholder management” (preventing stakeholders from disrupting progress) and beyond “stakeholder engagement” (including stakeholders who you think will help).

The WayMark Advantage


Successful organizations and initiatives work hard to understand the interests of their primary customers or core members. Even so, too often,  assumptions or stereotyped views of supporters and blockers get in the way of getting a full view of what’s at stake and who cares.

One-on-one interviews with representatives of each of the stakeholder categories can help, take intensive time and resources. We offer a  but much faster and less expensive approach that is similarly comprehensive,.

We’ll build you a baseline stakeholder map; enable you to construct a shared vision of success, a charter or framework to guide progress; and identify the underlying value propositions relevant to each stakeholder. And we display stakeholder categories, interests, and stakeholder survey data to quickly identify points of alignment and misalignment on the key interests.

Our powerful visualizations and analytics allow you to make evidence-based decisions that guide you on the path forward. Successive stakeholder maps become additional “WayMarks”,  tracking progress and showing the way forward.